British travel agencies recorded a large increase in reserves to places of Spain

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03 March, 2016

The Association of Travel Agencies and Tour Operators British, ABTA, have reported that bookings to Spain increased by 27% over last year. Thus, Spain is in second position on this increase, behind Portugal (32%) and ahead of Cyprus (14%) and Malta (15%) fourth and third place in the ranking.

ABTA notes that there has been an increase in demand for travel to Spain from the Netherlands and Scandinavia in the last year.

The growing popularity of the Western Mediterranean is a result of the fall, at least in part, the decline in traditionally popular destinations like Tunisia and Egypt.

On the other hand, the British travellers have been increased by the general recovery of the British market that airlines had already noticed in 2015.

Spain also stands out from the rest by the high demand of early bookings, as customers seek to enjoy the best prices, and so they planned their reservations well in advance.

Another point to note is that many of these tourists book well in advance, because they decide to stay in Spanish towns, buying or renting an apartment, especially in towns on the shores of the Mediterranean, where they enjoy staying in a very good property, and enjoy the best climate for most of the year.


Amanda Penalver-Neal

British Agent
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