Why Benidorm is the favorite resting place for the British?

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01 March, 2016

Are you thinking about leaving Great Britain, looking for warm weather and good living? 

Would you like to retire somewhere sunny, and be very close to your place of origin? 

Do you want to feel at home, enjoying the best climate and beautiful beaches?

Benidorm is the answer to all these questions. Confirmed by millions of British people who decide to leave Britain to start a new life in fabulous properties on the Costa Blanca, especially in Benidorm, on the shores of the Mediterranean.

The cold British winter helps millions of British people to decide on a change of life style, changing the cold for a warmer climate.  Day by day the number of those who choose to enjoy a well-deserved vacation in hot areas increases , but the surprising fact is that every day there are more British people that prefer to make a permenant move and grow old next to the sea with an excellent climate, instead of the cold and rainy UK. 

These people who once visited Benidorm for their holidays decide to stay permanently, renting or buying a house around 5 minutes or so from the sea, surrounded by the countless facilities that are on offer - entertainment, culture, gastronomy ... always surrounded by sun and an unbeatable climate. 


There are many reasons why the British decide to retire to the Costa Blanca, but these are probably the most important to do specifically with Benidorm:

The weather :

Great year round weather - Specifically in Benidorm, where it rains only about 40 days, (the UK has an average of 150 days). From April to November you can stroll around with flip flops and light clothing in the streets, because the temperature is not lower than 19 degrees. Other months, high temperatures can be between 16 and 17 degrees.

Landscape :

The beaches are clean and ready every day to spend all day lying on a sun bed, enjoying endless bathing in the clear waters of the Mediterranean coast. Around the beaches are countless restaurants, bars, cafes and places where you can enjoy the best cuisine.
The mountains are also part of the landscape of Benidorm, as the Sierra Helada area is a protected natural landscape, where you can enjoy endless walks, enjoying the best views. Then there is the Puig Campana, which protects the area close to the Sierra Helada, in Benidorm, creating the famous micro climate.


Benidorm is home to many cultures and people from all over the world and therefore offers a large and rich cuisine. The city has a number of restaurants and shops where you can find food from all over the world, but there are places that stand out for their native, gastronomy of the area, taking advantage of the Mediterranean and mixing different tastes for all palates.
We recomend rice and fish from the bay, since with them, lots of typical local dishes are made, such as rice soup or paella.


Benidorm is very well connected to other cities of Spain, especially with the great capitals of Europe, thanks to the airport of Alicante (L'Altet) which receives millions of visitors each month from around the world .
There are plenty of direct flights to Alicante from England that are two to two and a half hours. By sea, there are many cruise ships and large vessels and arriving at Puerto de Alicante.

Community :

One of the greatest benefits of retiring in Benidorm is excellent expatriate community that exists in the area of ​​the Costa Blanca. Having already many Britons living area Benidorm area, many expatriate communities have evolved making any British person feel at home.  In Benidorm, you can walk down the street in a swimsuit, swim on the beaches, enjoy the sun on the endless café terraces while sipping a drink or you eat a a fabulous meal.

Villas and apartments, long term rental or purchase :

If you would like to divide the year, being able to enjoy the Winter weather in Benidorm and Summer in the UK, it is very simple, because there is a huge choice of properties available, whether close to the sea, 5 minutes from the beach or at more inland, closer to the mountains, where life is more tranquil but you are  just a short distance from the beach.
There are also resorts that are that make it easy to retire in Benidorm, with many properties for sale at very low prices compared to those in the UK, having the advantage that they are walking distance from the beach, or maybe 10 minutes drive from the beach.
Another major advantage is the wide range of support that exists when looking for a house, with some excellent, well established real estate agents in the area, some Britons who already live in Benidorm.  Also you can call on the community of British expatriates who can help you in your experience and recommend the most suitable places to live or enjoy your holiday.
On the other hand, if what you want is to enjoy a shorter vacation, there are many hotels and apartments of all kinds.

Knowing all this, where would you like to retire?


Leave your comment and we will advise you on whatever you need.


Amanda Penalver-Neal

British Agent
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